~ Black or Red ~
Standard $40.00
Solid Oak $55.00
see more Cherry
~ Cherry ~
Standard $40.00
Solid Oak $55.00
see more Golden Oak
~ Golden Oak ~
Standard $40.00
Solid Oak $55.00
see more Natural
~ Natural ~
Standard $40.00
Solid Oak $55.00
~ cuffs ~
for solid oak models
$35.00 with purchase
only $45.00 without!
*includes attachments
see more Big Boy
~ The Big Boy ~
This lovely comes
in Solid Oak only
~ The Oval Hole ~
Standard $40.00
Solid Oak $55.00
The "Electric" Humbler!
Yes! Just hook this baby up to
a TENS Unit * and VIOLA!
electric humbler!
Are you brave enough?!
Only $75.00 to find out!!
Electric Humbler comes in
Solid Oak ONLY

Single  $7.00    Double $10.00
Handles: $6.50
Locks $10.00
Lock Attachments $4.00
*TENS Unit NOT Included
but can be purchased here
( Coming Soon )
~ The Humbler ~
all rights reserved
© Copyright 2007 pixielee
What exactly is a Humbler, you might ask?  *grins evil*  Well, let me tell you .....
The Humbler was used in medieval times as a male, ummmm *smiles sweetly* torture device.

See, It goes behind the males legs, while he is kneeling - You can guess what goes inside the little hole
( and if you cant, then you probably should not be playing with this toy )
Then there is this press piece, and oh - the screws, tightening handles, and even, OH MY, LOCKS!

When kneeling, thats all you will be doing, as this little device makes it almost impossible to move.
Dominants, this is a sure way to make sure your male bottom stays and does exactly as You wish, while You do, as YOU wish!

These humblers are all hand-made and guaranteed to provide satisfaction.  You can choose from natural wood, cherry and golden oak stain.
If you like, you can have it in red or black too. For an upgrade they can be made out of Hardwood Oak

We also offer those fun handles, the press, and for convenience of having everything you need right when you open the box,
We can even provide locks in your order!! ( locks are  not necessary, just added fun!!! )

Click the photos to see more detailed pictures. Some include the press, some include the handles and some show the locks w/lock attachments
It is in deepest sorrow and with great sympathy I must
announce the artist of this beautiful woodwork passed away
from Lung Cancer November 28, 2009
The items will no longer be available but i am leaving displayed in his memory
Stumpy you will be greatly missed!!

Ive been receiving payments weekly. They will no longer be refunded.
There is nothing to purchase.  I will keep your money.
You agree to these terms by making a payment.

I have a NEW SUPPLIER!!! My Mistress makes beautiful exotic hardwood
Humblers!  CHECK THEM OUT HERE!!!!